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Sales specialist - IT & Software

Sales specialist - IT & Software

Om Swedgroup:
Swedgroup levererar rekryterings- och bemanningslösningar inom hela Stockholm's området.
Vårt mål är att förenkla rekryteringsprocessen, både för dig som söker nytt jobb och för de företag som vill anställa nya medarbetare. Genom att hålla en tydlig dialog, vara snabba och anpassningsbara samt med en passion för det vi gör säkerställer vi en framgångsrik rekryteringsprocess för alla parter.

Reforce International consists of experienced entrepreneurs who have succeeded. Half of our employees are unbeaten international entrepreneurs. The other half is younger employees with a lot of energy, "top performers". Together we ensure that our customers/partners are successful in their growth. We offer a work environment with excellent development potential, high demands, spirit, and much fun. Our methodology is based on years of experience where we help companies faster and safer to the next level. 

Do you want to:

  • Negotiate, run, close agreements and do business at the highest strategic level with some of Sweden's largest companies as well as major international companies
  • Work in a company that focuses on changing the way companies accelerate revenue and profit
  • Enabling the Future of Business and Strategy Execution
  • Work in a company with extremely high ambitions and rapid growth
  • Take your business skills to new levels

We believe this about you:

  • A modern and proactive businessman/ businesswoman who can work independently and is expected to run sales according to a packaged sales method
  • Have an excellent understanding of politics and what governs decisions at the highest level
  • Have a proven track record of businesses, preferably in product/ solution or outsourcing, preferably at the CEO / Board / Owner level
  • Being entrepreneurial, love challenges, having a firm commitment, is humble and at the same time having a good self-confidence

We hope this is challenging enough to interest a future partner!


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